Welcome to the Town of Homer

The Town of Homer, Georgia was created in 1859 by the Georgia General Assembly when Senate bill 286 was enacted. At this time the corporate limits extended three-fourths mile in all directions from the Banks County Historic Courthouse. On March 9, 1959 the corporate limits were extended to one and three-fourths miles in the same directions. The limits have now been extended to a five mile radius from the center, which is the Banks County Historic Courthouse.

Where did Homer get its name? Rumor has it that the town was named after a Greek poet, Homer. That is not what has been passed down. An amusing story has been told which says that a group of men were gathered together to formally name the town. After much discussion, deliberation, and various suggestions one man said, "Just name it Homer and let's go home." An early resident of the community, Homer Jackson, may have become the namesake. No one really knows if this is true, but this is one of the stories that has been passed down over the years.

Regardless of how the name was chosen, Homer is the quaint county seat of Banks County. It is the thriving home for several local businesses. HOMER is a quaint foothills town and it is simply a place that we call home! Come and visit us when you get a chance, you won't be disappointed!